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Suitable insurance solutions for every phase of life

For us, your personal wishes, interests and needs are in the foreground of every consultation.

To listen

We listen to you. What have you already achieved privately or professionally and want to continue having? What worries do you have?

To explain

Insurance is often complex and difficult to keep track of. We will therefore advise you in detail and give you the reasons for any advice given on a particular insurance product.

To advise

Your protection is too important and complex for a comparison portal. We advise you individually and compare independently and objectively!

We are happy to advise you in German, Spanish or English.

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Your satisfaction

We listen to you. We advise. We explain. We take care of you.

We research the right providers and products for you. We present you with an individual concept to cover the most important risks.

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About us

What we can do for you

I am your independent insurance broker with tailor-made and independent advice. You too can benefit from our many years of experience.


Private insurance

Every phase of life has different needs. We offer you the right product at the right time. Price-performance comes first. A good product can also be inexpensive.


Commercial insurance

Protect yourself, your business and, if necessary, all of your company equipment with suitable commercial insurance. So that you do not have to deal with the highly complex insurance issues yourself, we do this for you.

Our Portfolio

Together with our partners Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. we offer holistic advice on insurance, investment and financing. We are the experts for expats in Germany.

Liability insurance

Personal or 3rd party liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences if you damage something that belongs to a third party or accidentally injure someone. Personal liability insurance is an indispensable part of personal insurance protection.

Household insurance

Protects your property from damage caused by fire, water leakage, storm/hail, break-in and other risks. For homeowner insurance is essential. In most cases, such damage can mean financial ruin.

Legal expenses insurance

Sometimes legal assistance is needed to defend yourself against allegations or to enforce your own rights and interests. Legal protection insurance covers the cost of many of the potential disputes.

Travel insurances

Travel insurance is helpful for private and business trips and for stays abroad. Even if you plan everything well, unexpected things can happen. Travel health insurance is necessary if you have German statutory health insurance (which is usually not valid outside of Germany) and want to travel abroad. It is also necessary for visitors from abroad who want to visit Germany.

The travel cancellation or travel interruption insurance covers the cancellation costs of your travel expenses in the event of sudden illness, accident, unemployment or the death of the person traveling.

The luggage insurance protects against loss of luggage.

Car insurance

Car insurance is compulsory for every car owner who wants to use his vehicle on public roads. It pays if the driver damages a third vehicle. In addition, you can insure damage to your own car with partial or fully comprehensive cover.

Animal owner liability

A pet owner insurance for dogs and horses covers all damage that your own animal has caused to third parties. This includes personal injury, property damage and financial loss. The holder is fundamentally liable - regardless of whether you are to blame or not.

Term life insurance

Term life insurance protects your family. In the most difficult life situation, your family receives financial support, which can be used, for example, to pay outstanding loans or to educate your children.

Accident/disability insurance

An accident insurance helps you with the financial consequences after an accident and pays you, depending on the plan, for example a disability pension or death benefits. It is valid worldwide and covers you 24 hours a day.

An occupational disability insurance pays out if you cannot work due to illness or accident. This insurance covers the monthly livelihood for you and your family.

Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in Germany. The general insurance coverage of the statutory health insurance companies is required by law, but they differ in the contributions and some extras.

To supplement the services and benefits to make them equivalent to those privately insured patients have.

Private health insurance allows you to choose your own health insurance coverage, which is usually of a higher quality than that of statutory health insurance. Most of the time, you’ll have better performance, shorter waiting times for doctor’s appointments, better treatment and medication. Private health insurance is available for both self-employed and salaried employees with a salary above the compulsory insurance limit (in 2020: 5,212.50 euros per month or 62,550 euros per year, in 2021: 5,362.50 euros per month or 64,350 euros per year).

Pension insurance

Without a private pension plan, most people are left with too little money for a carefree retirement. With a classical private pension insurance, they can decide for themselves whether they want a monthly pension or a one-off payment later.

Riester & Rürup

With a Riester pension you receive a state-subsidized private provision to close the personal provision gap in old age. A guaranteed lifelong old-age pension is paid out to you at retirement age. The basis pension (also known as Rürup pension) is mostly beneficial for freelancers, well-paid employees and civil servants.

Commercial insurance

Anyone who runs a business independently always carries a certain financial risk in everyday work. A commercial insurance protects against damage caused by the company to third parties, as well as against the risks of damage to company property.

For private customers

We are and will remain your partner at your side even after signing the insurance contract and support you with questions, financial challenges and family changes. In the event of a claim, we take care of the processing for you and act as the interface between you and your insurance company.

For commercial customers

As a specialist in commercial insurance, we ensure your best possible coverage, taking into account all relevant insurers. We only represent your interests and offer security, traceability and noticeable relief with our highly professional financial concept.

Our team

This is us

We offer you independent advice in the area of pensions and insurance. For us – your independent insurance broker in Neuwied – your personal wishes, interests and needs are in the foreground of every consultation. Requests are usually answered after 1-2 working days.

Martina Martínez

Owner & insurance broker

02631 - 95 69 718


Anja Bode

Office worker

02631 - 95 69 718


Erstgespräch vereinbaren

Wir antworten in der Regel nach 1-2 Werktagen.

Fiona Grant

Office worker

02631 - 95 69 718


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We usually reply after 1-2 working days.

Four good reasons for Martina Martínez

We help

In the event of a claim, we are there to help you and provide reliable support!

We advise

Your protection is too important and complex for a comparison portal. We advise you individually!

We compare

In contrast to many comparison portals, we compare really independently and objectively!

We examine

We check and analyze your existing contracts and supplement them if you wish.

Support & Contact

We look forward to your enquiries

Any questions? We are happy to answer your questions personally.



Martina Martínez
Im Mühlengrund 11
56566 Neuwied

02631 – 95 69 718

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